Cooking Easy Recipes – The Complete Guide

Cooking easy recipes is a must for all of us in these busy and challenging economic times. We are all trying to stretch our grocery dollars as far as possible as food prices rise higher and higher.

Eating out at a nice restaurant is once again becoming a luxury that many can’t afford; even fast food on a regular basis can become expensive.

So what other options do we have? Cooking at home or learning to cook if you don’t already know how and cooking easy recipes. There are tons of recipes that are quick, easy, tasty and healthy, and it’s possible to cook meals ahead and freeze them for a short period of time, and when you’ve had a hard day at work or even at home if you are a stay at home mom, student or a single person, you can just go to your freezer thaw out a tasty meal and have dinner ready in no time at all.

In order to get the most out of cooking easy recipes there are some other things that you can do to optimize your meal preparation. Some considerations are the type cookware you use.

Should you use stainless steel or non-stick, cast iron or stoneware or is copper the cookware for you. We will explore these different choices giving you the pros and cons of each type of cookware, because how you cook and what cookware you use really does make a difference, especially if you want to fix tasty meals that will keep you cooking and saving money.

Speaking of saving money we will point out some of the best places online to get and print coupons in our resources section, it’s amazing how much you can knock off your grocery bill with a little effort by printing and clipping coupons.

There are also an abundance of nifty tools out there that can help your meal prep go faster, and they don’t all cost an arm and a leg either.

Then there are those oh so tasty recipes, we’ve got recipes from all over the world and some specialty recipes for crock pot cooking, gluten free cooking, and reduced calorie cooking to name a few.

Cooking with herbs and spices can really make an otherwise bland dish stand out, and we will explore a host of herbs and spices from A to Z.

Also in our resource section there will be information about cooking lessons and cooking schools, other useful websites and tons of other information.

Since we all have to eat why not see how much fun cooking can be, after all eating is one of the great joys in life, so come join me on this culinary journey.

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Cooking Recipes - Building A Collection
Cooking recipes are perhaps the most abundant written instructions in the world, and you can find all types of recipes to satisfy a busy life especially free recipes.
An Introduction To Quinoa
Quinoa is an ancient tiny seed that contains all nine essential acids is gluten free and which can be provided in a variety of ways to create nutritious, tasty meals.
Menu Planning – Promotes Efficiency At Meal Times
Menu planning promotes healthy choices in food selection and saves time in the kitchen preparing meals for busy households. The article talks about some things to consider.
Cooking Basics – The Key To Success In The Kitchen
Cooking basics for setting up your perfect kitchen for cooking tasty and appealing meals from measuring tools, to choosing cookware, and setting up a basic table.
Cooking Measuring Tools – Creating Perfectly Balanced Ingredients
Cooking measuring tools are the key to creating perfect recipes that are tasty. The article discusses the types of measuring tools and which are appropriate for liquid and dry ingredients.
Cooking Measuring Techniques – The Key To Consistent Recipes
Cooking measuring techniques are the means to obtaining consistent recipes, by exploring in this article how liquid and dry ingredients should be measured and what types of ingredients these measure.
Cooking Measurement Tables – Common Weights and Measures
Cooking measurement tables that are useful for comparison of US and Canada measurements by volume and weight for cooking are detailed in this article.
Cooking Cutlery – Essential Tools For Any Well Equipped Kitchen
Cooking cutlery article about the different types of kitchen knives needed for a well equipped kitchen, what they are and why just one knife used for everything is not the best choice.
Cooking Cutting Techniques – Knife Basics
The various cooking cutting techniques such as chopping, dicing, mincing, peeling, shredding, and slicing are discussed in this article to demonstrate different knife basics for food preparation.
Cooking Tools – A Multitude of Kitchen Helpers
This article covers cooking tools other than kitchen cutler that are useful utensils that make our time in the kitchen quicker, easier and more enjoyable. These tools are the small tools that we use.
Choosing Cookware From A Wide Selection
Choosing cookware to meet your kitchen needs can be a daunting task, this article discusses the various types of cookware and the pros and cons of using each.
Choosing Bakeware Is More Than Cookies, Cakes and Pies
Choosing bakeware is not just a matter of going to the store or online and picking something out, there are a number of considerations to choosing quality bakeware as this article points out.
Dry Food Storage – Maintaining A Well Stocked Pantry
Proper dry food storage is the key to reducing the monthly grocery bill by keeping foods fresh longer. This articles discusses some storage options for accomplishing this objective.
Storing Cooked Food – Keeping Foods Safe And Edible
Storing cooked food is a key element of basic cooking skills and also a key part of food safety discussed in this article on the different types of containers that are often used after cooking.
Setting The Table – Proper Etiquette Is An Often Forgotten Art
Setting the table for a meal is a good way to show appreciation for the meal prepared as well as a good way to bond with family and friends as well as just a good skill to learn as this article shows.
Food Safety – Following The Rules Will Keep You Healthy
Food safety involves four rules which if the basics are followed will keep you healthy from the foods that you prepare and eat preventing food borne illness.
Hot Food Safety – Keeping Foods Hot When They Should Be
Hot food safety is a component of food safety dealing with the prevention of food poisoning by the proper cooking, cooling and storage of hot foods.
Cold Food Safety – Keeping Foods Cold When They Should Be
Cold food safety is a part of general food safety that is just as important as keeping hot foods hot and this article discusses what it takes to keep cold foods safe for eventual consumption.
Food Cross Contamination – Avoiding The Spread of Bacteria
Article about preventing food cross contamination that can lead to the spread of bacteria resulting in food borne illnesses such as salmonella and food poisoning.
Cooking Equipment – Beyond Basic Tools
Cooking equipment beyond basic whisks, spoons, and spatulas are hand gadgets that save time in the kitchen, promote cooking efficiency and makes cooking even more fun.
Kitchen Work Center – Creating An Efficient Cooking Space
The kitchen work center is the space where cooking takes place and should be a efficient, clean, well arranged space to suit the needs of those cooking in the space.
Cooking And Nutrition – Eating For Good Health
Cooking and nutrition should go hand in hand but often don't. The series of articles explores how we can get the most nutritional value out of our food through how and what we cook.
Nutrients In Food – Vital For Life Vital For Health
Providing the proper nutrients in food are a key component to life and good health free from disease. The article explores each of the six classes of nutrients and what they are.
Energy From Food – How Much Do We Need?
Energy from food is the reason that we cook and eat because we need energy to carry out our body's basic processes. The article explores how we measure the energy from the foods that we cook and eat.
Nutrition Planning – Six Areas To Help Dietary Deficiencies
Nutrition planning is key to getting the most out of the nutrients that we get from food, there are six core concepts that make choosing the correct foods easier as explored in this article.
Dietary Guidelines For Making Healthy Food Choices
Dietary guidelines are revised and published every five years and play an important role in helping Americans and those in other countries to make healthy food choices.
Nutritious Food Choices – The Next Step
Nutritious food choices are the next step Once dietary guidelines are understood. The article shows what the choices of foods are that will be healthy for your individual food plate.
Nutrition Facts Panel – Understanding Food Product Labels
The nutrition facts panel is a great source of information for grocery shoppers found on all grocery items. What information is on this label? Find out in this article.
Body Composition – Using BMI As A True Measurement Of Weight
Body composition refers to the chemical and anatomical composition of the body and is a better predictor of health risk than weight alone by using BMI to determine weight, how?
Weight Management – Must Be Tailored To The Individual
Weight management is more complex than just acheiving a certain weight, there are many diverse factors that lead to an unhealthy weight and thus treatment is more complex, what are some factors?
Weight Management Goals – Reasonable And Attainable
Weight management goals are designed to achieve a healthy lifestyle as opposed to a certain weight that is acceptable to society, how is this achieved and what do these goals consist of?
Weight Management Lifestyle – Developing Healthy Habits
Weight management lifestyle does not involve crash dieting but involves making a healthy lifestyle for the entire life span and making choices that involve key lifestyle principles, what are they?
Weight Management Strategies – A Variety Of Approaches
Weight management strategies reflect a variety of approaches to help the individual lose weight, each of these strategies have pros and cons that should be investigated before making a choice.
Vitamins In Food – How Can We Get All That We Need?
Vitamins in food are the most important way to get the nutrients that the body needs for normal growth, functioning and maintenance. This article discusses the key vitamins used by the body.
Water And Nutrition – The Most Essential Nutrient For Life
Water and nutrition shows that the two go hand in hand and that water is needed to sustain life. Although life can be sustained without food for a longer period of time, without water death occurs.
Dietary Minerals – Elements That Are Essential Nutrients
Dietary minerals and nutrition are intimately linked together in the diet with both major and trace minerals found in animal and plant sources and they play essential roles in the body.
Nutrition And Exercise – A Working Partnership
Nutrition and exercise form an important partnership for those pursuing overall physical fitness which has five components that constitute a healthy lifestyle.
Nutrition Eating Disorders – A Continuum Of Illnesses
Nutrition eating disorders prevent the enjoyment of one of life's basic pleasures, eating and result in long term emotional problems as well as potentially life threatening health consequences.
Chronic Disease And Nutrition – Factors That Lead To Poor Health
Chronic disease can be a result of poor nutrition with many underlying factors leading to compromised nutrition such as genetics, lifestyle and culture, but nutrition related diseases can be managed.
Alcohol And Diet – Does It Have A Role In Nutrition?
Alcohol and diet are interrelated to each other and the question arises as to what it's role is in nutrition if there is any, alcohol is produced from food products does it have any nutrient value?
Nutrition And Pregnancy – Involves Three Stages
Nutrition and pregnancy is a three stage process in volving healthy preparations before pregnancy, maternal and infant health during pregnancy and maternal and infant health after pregnancy.
Life Cycle Nutrition – From Childhood and Adolescence To Adulthood
Life cycle nutrition addresses the stages of childhood, adolescence, adulthood, the nutritional needs of each group for growth in the younger years, continued development, maintenance in older adults.
Cooking Methods – Keeping Nutrients In Foods
Cooking methods are the next step in leading a nutritionally healthy life style once nurtient dense foods have been chosen and purchased, how food is cooked and in what is important.
Cooking Healthy Recipes – Nutritious Eating To Lose Weight
Cooking healthy recipes that are nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare for weight loss or weight maintenance goals for a healthy life style and optimum health
Vegetarian Diets – Can Be Nutritionally Healthy
Vegetarian diets can be healthy diets if planned carefully in order to insure that these diets include the proper amounts and types of nutrients needed by the human body to carry out its functions.
Gluten Free Lifestyle – Combating Celiac Disease And More
Many persons pursue a gluten free lifestyle out of a health necessity related to celiac disease and it can be difficult for some due to the prevalence of gluten in a host of processed foods.
Diabetes Diet – Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle And Reducing Risk
The diabetes diet should address the needs of both type 1 and type 2 diabetics and be designed to reduce obesity and return to a healthy weight to lower other diabetes risk factors.
Herbs and Spices – Making Those Recipes Absolutely Delicious
Herbs and spices what are they, including a comprehensive list of some of the most commonly used food seasonings, some of their history, and purchasing and storage is found in this article.
Specialty Seasoning Mixtures – Adding Zest To Your Cooking
Specialty seasoning mixtures are combinations of herbs and spices that add that special taste to any dish. The creation of an herb and spice mix is an art as well as a science.
Indoor Grilling – That Great Seared Flavor In The Kitchen
Indoor grilling can be done with a variety of grilling options and you can get that great outdoor grilling experience all year round, find out what these indoor options are in this article.
Cooking Business – An Industry Growing By Leaps And Bounds
Cooking business are still a growing industry as a result of changing demographics and busy lives. The article explores different opportunities available in the food services industry.
Cooking Business Plan – Developing Your Great Idea
The cooking business plan is necessary before you get started on the business especially when outside financing is needed to get your business started.
Cooking Business Niche – Defining Your Target Market
Establishing a cooking business niche is part of creating the business plan for any and all aspects of the cooking or restaurant industry and is a must for the success of the business.
Cooking Market Research – Do You Have A Viable Business Idea?
Conducting cooking market research is a necessary step to determining if your idea for a cooking business is a viable one and is a key component of the business plan that should look at three areas.
Cooking Business Legalities – Determining The Business Structure
Cooking business legalities include setting up the legal structure of the business which can take four forms and these legal issues also involve tax issues and the proper permits to operate.
Cooking Business Financing – Obtaining Money To Start The Business
Cooking business financing is the steps taken to obtain financing for the startup business and provides information that goes into the cooking business financial plan that can be used to obtain money.
Cooking Business Staff – Hiring Employees For The Business
Hiring cooking business staff is a must in some niches of the business and having job descriptions is important for each position that you want to hire for.
Cooking Business Website – Establishing An Online Presence
Creating a cooking business website can help to promote your restaurant, catering business or any food service business to a wider audience and help to bring in more business.
Cooking Business Accounting – Bookkeeping Basics
Cooking business accounting is a key feature of the business that allows you to know what funds are coming into the business and what funds are going out of the business.
Restaurant Business – From Fast-Food To Upscale Dining
The restaurant business is a major component of the food service industry consisting of a range of prices and degrees of service to suit the tastes of just about any customer.
Pizzeria Business – From Technique To Toppings
The pizzeria business is a highly competitive business and anyone desiring to enter this business needs to obtain the best ingredients and cook with the best techniques that they can.
Delicatessen Business – The Universal Appeal Of The Sandwich
The delicatessen business and sandwich shop business reflect the popularity of the sandwich globally and are often businesses with lower startup costs that make it possible to own one of these shops.
Coffee House Business – The New Social Beverage Of Choice
The coffee house business is on the increase with coffee displacing alcohol as a popular social drink which unlike alcohol can be consumed at any time of day.
Bakery Business – From Breads To Cakes, Pies and Cookies
The bakery business no longer consists of just selling bread which was the beginning of the industry but sells other baked goods such as bagels, cakes, and pies to targeted groups of consumers.
Catering Business – The Most Flexible Of The Cooking Businesses
The catering business is a fast paced business that requires a great deal of organization and that can be run from home initially until the business becomes profitable.
Mobile Food Cart Business – Street Food Tradition
The mobile food cart business is booming through both mobile trucks and mobile carts meeting the needs of both breakfast and lunchtime crowds with a variety of quick and tasty meals.
Becoming A Chef – Those Who Love To Cook
Any person considering becoming a chef should have a love of cooking and food preparation in order to become successful in this profession in the food preparation industry.
Cooking School Business – Make An Impact Teaching Culinary Arts
Starting a cooking school business is a way to display your skills by helping to train a new generation of chefs or by helping those who want to learn cooking or improve their skills.
Food Test Kitchen – A Specialized Service Of The Food Industry
The food test kitchen business is a highly specialized business that is designed to develop new recipes or recreate existing recipes to make them better for the public.
Cooking Resources – From Books To Schools
Cooking resources for is a growing list of information for those that cook or like to cook and want to find resources for their particular interest.
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