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SBI, just what is it? Also called Site Build It, this is more than just the tool to build a website on your own. It is the complete package that I have used to build my third website and my web businesses, the one used to express my love of cooking, recipes and nutrition.

In 2009, I lost my job in the healthcare industry. The state of the economy makes it very, very difficult for a middle aged former healthcare worker like me to find a new job, but did I just sit back and lament my fate, no I didn’t, I found the complete package that would allow me, like many unemployed workers, to begin a business online.

Using this tool is not just a temporary stop on the way to a new job, because for those of us that are middle-aged, that may not necessarily become a reality again, because our world has been changed forever by this economic downturn that we have experienced.

Building a business online is a real possibility, a means to freedom, a means to restoring a stable life, a trend for many middle aged workers that have been separated from employment outside the home, and not just for the middle-aged unemployed, but for anyone who wants to realize a dream. There is no time like the present during this time in a tough economy to build a new future.

Building a business online can give you back your self-esteem as your confidence soars by building your own online website and business, and the new skills that you learn by building a website and online business are skills that can give anyone a sense of pride. Whether you want to sell washing machines or widgets, if it meets the needs of your customers, then using this tool can put you on the right path. Want to know how you can build a service business online? Well, here’s where Solo Build It shows you how.

For a great free e-book The Service Sellers Master Course can get you started on thinking about how SBI can work for you, click here to download the pdf.

Solo Build It can work with any idea that you have, it's that flexible. To see how it has worked for some other ideas visit:

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