Bakery Business – From Breads To Cakes, Pies and Cookies

The bakery business reflects the world’s love of breads and other baked goods. The baking of breads is almost as old as humans and is one of the first and easiest types of foods that man learned to make with the supplies available.

Once there were thousands of commercial bakeries that baked only breads, but this type of bakery business is rarer in this day and age. Consumers like other baked goods in addition to breads and generally go where they can purchase these other items in addition to bread, such popular items as bagels, cakes, pies, and cookies of endless variety.

The baked goods business is extremely competitive and you really need to have an item or items that set your bakery apart from the others in your area. It is a good idea to see what your competition is doing by visiting their shops and noticing what items are lowest in quantity on their shelves and what items seem to hang around for awhile.

It is also good to note that the types of breads and baked goods consumers purchased is tied to their income level, age and ethnic background. The best locations for a bakery are in middle to upper income areas where consumers have extra discretionary income to indulge in specialty breads, cakes and pies. In lower income areas these consumers don’t have extra money for such indulgences and will spend what money they do have at the supermarket on ordinary bread and baked goods that cost less money.

It is also best to sell other baked items in addition to breads since it is difficult these days to make high volume sales simply on bread alone. It is also to be noted that generally those that do well in the baked goods business are used to baking at home and have developed some skill at it, and they generally start off with some family recipes that may be unique and that they have had plenty of practice with, either individually or as a family.

Where can you get other recipes for breads, cakes, pies, and cookies? One good place is from cookbooks, suppliers, and flour mills.

Bakery Competition

Competition can be expected from supermarket bakeries, and chain bakeries, which is one reason why having a product among all of your other products that stands out and is unique and is something that other bakeries do not have, can help to make your particular bakery as success.

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