Becoming A Chef – Those Who Love To Cook

Becoming a chef can be lucrative if you reach a certain level, but the average chef doesn’t make a whole lot of money, so what reason would anyone have for wanting to become a chef? For the simple reason that they love to cook and delight in making delectable meals that make peoples’ mouths water and put a smile of satisfaction on their face after eating one of those delicious well prepared meals.

What are the different types of chefs?

There are different levels of chefs that reflect increasing levels of expertise.

• Assistant or apprentice chef also known as the commis – this person works under the line cooks to learn about the different cooking stations.

• Pastry chef – learns to create every type of baked good and confection.

• Saucier – this position makes all of the sauces.

• Sous chef – this person is the second in command to the executive chef in the kitchen.

• Executive chef – this person is responsible for the planning and directing of food preparation in a variety of establishments.

• Garde Manager – this person is a line cook that is highly specialized and is responsible for all cold food preparation.

• Personal chef – this person generally cooks for families or individuals customizing meals to the needs of their client.

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Many who go on to become successful chefs learn to cook at an early age at home and find that they enjoy cooking. They may take courses in high school and go on to a culinary arts school afterwards, although this is not the only way to become a chef, some students actually learn the more fine tuned aspects of their craft on the job, but it is recommended that getting training from a good culinary program is an excellent route.

One of the recommendations is that those are considering becoming a chef can work in a restaurant in high school to see if the conditions are something that they can tolerate.

It is also good to eat out at restaurants to see how things are done, find out what types of foods you like, because when you like something you tend to do it well, and to practice cooking at home. It is also a good idea to read books on cooking from those that already cook for a living and to research cooking information and cooking programs on the internet for becoming a chef.

Anyone who wants to become a chef should recognize that it is a very competitive business if you want to be one of the best and can be a highly stressful profession, as some of the competition cooking programs on television show. It is also recommended that anyone wanting to enter this profession stay on good terms with everyone from existing customers to restaurant staff, because you never know who can become a potential customer at the restaurant that you may work at or your own restaurant in the future.

There is also an emphasize on good hygiene which anyone wanting to cook for the public should begin practicing now since customers contracting food borne illnesses can be a big problem and deadly to the career of anyone thinking of becoming a chef that does not have good hygiene habits.

Here is a nice video on how to become an apprentice chef if you want to cook for a living.

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