Cooking Business – An Industry Growing By Leaps And Bounds

The cooking business has grown since about 30 years ago when there were about 155,000 food service businesses until today when there are nearly 900,000, and still growing. Like any business it isn’t a get rich quick business but with hard work those that want to cook in some form for a living can make a success of it.

Starting a cooking business can take many forms. For many people who love to eat and love to cook, starting a business related to cooking or cooking can be a logical next step. Many of those who cook began their businesses cooking from home and ultimately moved their business to an operation outside of the home.

Even though many individuals do cook and know how to cook, with changing demographics and our busy lives many people don’t have either the time or the inclination to cook and as a result many more people are eating out or ordering out. But, those that are eating out or ordering out still want nutritious and healthy meals, so this doesn’t mean that they just want food from the typical fast food restaurants.

Many of those that want the convenience of meals to go are those that are single, working parents and the elderly, so that means that they also want not only the convenience but also the health benefits of a well prepared nutritious meal.

Although no one can ever capture 100% of a particular food business market, there are many cooking specialties that can satisfy a love of food and provide nutritious and healthy meals for just about every demographic group. In the cooking industry variety truly is the spice of life.

What are some of the business opportunities available for those that love to cook and love food?

Restaurant Business - From Fast Food to Upscale Dining
Pizzeria Business - From Technique to Toppings
Delicatessen Business - The Universal Appeal of The Sandwich
Coffeehouse Business - The New Social Beverage of Choice
Bakery Business - From Breads, To Cakes, Pies and Cookies
Catering Business - The Most Flexible of The Cooking Businesses
Mobile Food Cart Business - Street Food Tradition
Becoming A Chef - Those Who Love to Cook
Cooking School Business - Make An Impact Teaching Culinary Arts
Food Test Kitchen - A Specialized Service of The Food Industry

Many who love to cook may not cook directly but may produce cooking television shows, books and videos contributing to this popular industry and society’s fascination with food, others like to teach cooking helping to create the next generation of chefs or just teaching others a valuable skill that they need to take care of themselves in life, after all we all must eat.

And with the world’s increasing economic woes even in developed countries, those in the food service industry have a great opportunity to give back for their success by helping to feed those who are increasingly in need as part of their charitable works.

What does it take to enter the cooking business?

One of the key characteristics of successful business owners of any type is having an entrepreneurial personality this is certainly true for those that want to cook for a living or who want to have some involvement with the cooking industry, even if not cooking directly.

It also takes a carefully crafted and implemented business plan, which will contain information about how you are going to get the business started, how you will finance the business and market the business. Without a business plan that is a key component of obtaining outside financing if and when needed, any business is sure to fail, this is no different for a food business, which like many businesses fail within the first year, so a business plan can give the potential business owner a greater chance for success.

For a nice article on starting a home cooking business click on the link to


Cooking Business Plan - Developing Your Great Idea

For information on starting a cooking business a great reference is:

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Business Resource Sites

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Cooking Basics
Cooking Measuring Tools
Cooking Measuring Techniques
Cooking Measurement Charts
Cooking Cutlery
Cooking Equipment
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Indoor Grilling
Menu Planning
Cooking Easy Recipes Home

Some Elements of A Cooking Business

Step By Step Business Plan

Black Chefts Hat

Man's Black Chefs Coat

Cooking Business Card

Menu Example

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