Nutrition And Exercise – A Working Partnership

Good nutrition is just the first step to leading a healthy lifestyle; nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. Maintaining a healthy, physically fit body at the proper weight for you involves not just good nutrition, but also physical exercise, which also helps to reduce the risk of chronic disease.

It has been discovered that a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical exercise on most days of the week will result in some health benefits. What is needed however; is 60 minutes of daily physical exercise to prevent weight gain and to fully achieve health benefits.

What does it mean to be physically fit?

Physical fitness includes strength, breathing capacity, flexibility and endurance. One definition of physical fitness is “the ability to perform moderate to vigorous levels of physical activity without undue fatigue and the capability of maintaining this level of activity throughout life.” This is the definition given by the American College of Sports Medicine; however, being physically fit through nutrition and exercise is not just for athletes.

Overall fitness for any individual desiring to be healthy has five main components:

• Cardiorespiratory fitness – the ability of the body’s circulatory and respiratory systems to supply fuel during sustained physical activity.

• Muscle strength – the ability of the muscles to exert force during an activity.

• Muscle endurance – the ability of muscles to continue to perform without fatigue.

• Flexibility – the range of motion around a joint. Having good flexibility in the joints help prevent injuries throughout all stages of the life cycle.

• Body composition – refers to the relative amounts of fat and lean body mass, and is a component to consider for health and weight management.

Although nutrition is a vital component of any program that seeks to enhance health and fitness and is recognized as such, the question arises as to what constitutes optimal nutrition? Is it the same for everyone?

In order to answer that question we have to first understand exercise and nutrition, it must first be understood how energy is used during exercise.


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