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Cooking and nutrition should complement each other since humans must eat to live, and one of the reasons that we eat other than for the pure enjoyment of how our food tastes, is to obtain the nutrients from our food whether cooked or raw, that is needed to sustain a healthy organism, namely our bodies and keep our bodies free of certain diseases.

What Is Nutrition?

One definition of nutrition states that it is the science of food, and its effect on human and animal life, health, and disease. It is the study of the basic nutrients required to sustain life, their availability in foods and overall diet, and the effects upon these nutrients of cooking and storage.

What Are Nutrients?

Nutrients include:

• Carbohydrates

• Fats (also called Lipids)

• Proteins

• Vitamins

• Minerals

• Water

Nutrients are any substances in food that the body can use to obtain energy, synthesize tissues, or regulate bodily functions.

Carbohydrates, fats and proteins are nutrients that require digestion and vitamins, minerals, and water are nutrients that can be absorbed by the body without digestion.

Why doesn’t cooking and nutrition go hand in hand? One reason is because of the way we eat, we don’t generally eat food for its nutrient value. Why do we eat the way we do? One of the reasons we eat the way we do is that often the enjoyment we get from our food is more important than its nutrient value. Other factors that influence our daily food choices are our gender, age, culture, lifestyle, family, occupation and genetic makeup, and these factors are not always conducive to good health and getting the proper amount of nutrients from our food to properly sustain life and remain healthy and free from disease.

In this section some helpful information that will show why cooking and nutrition should go hand in hand is:

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For other information on nutrition some great references are:

• Webster’s New World Encyclopedia – College Edition by Prentice Hall

• Nutrition – Fourth Edition by Paul Insel, Don Ross, Kimberley McMahon, and Melissa Bernstein

• Dictionary of Science by Hammond and Barnhart

For more information on cooking and nutrition click on the link to

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