Delicatessen Business – The Universal Appeal Of The Sandwich

The delicatessen business speaks to the appeal of meats for sandwiches all over the globe. These concoctions of meat and bread and often cheese have been popular in Europe for centuries in places such as Paris and Italy. These types of eateries also enjoy huge popularity in the United States and are hugely profitable.

Delicatessens and sandwich shops change their menus often to cater to the tastes of the customer. With the trend in healthy eating these types of shops have begun offering low fat healthy ingredients in their sandwiches as well as offering salads and low carb menu items.

What is the difference between a delicatessen and a sandwich shop?

The delicatessen offers a wide range of sandwiches, prepared meats, cheeses, salads, relishes, entrees and smoked fish. The wide range of prepared meats and cheeses allows the customer to purchase these items and take them home to prepare their own sandwiches, but many also have sit down areas where you can eat your specially prepared item. These meats are generally fresh and not packaged.

The sandwich shop on the other hand serves mainly sandwiches that are prepared for the customer to take home. Many of these types of businesses also deliver to the customer’s home.

These delicatessen business and sandwich shop businesses often have lower startup costs than other types of eatery and you can buy into a franchise for a lower cost than other types of eateries.

The competition for these types of business is often from fast food restaurants, grocery store delicatessens, and national sandwich chains.

How can a delicatessen business or sandwich shop business compete with the competition?

Fast Food Restaurant - A delicatessen or sandwich shop can provide quicker service, healthier food choices and lower prices for what the customer receives.

Grocery Store Delicatessen - Although a grocery store delicatessen buys in bulk, most people don’t think of stopping at the grocery store deli counter to purchase their lunch, they generally prefer the quick in and out service of a sandwich shop or stand alone deli.

National Sandwich Shop Chains - These franchises generally have a set menu that is common to all of their shops, so as a stand-alone delicatessen or sandwich shop you have more flexibility with your menu and the types of items that you can offer, and can customize your offerings to local preferences in addition to providing high quality food, and there is the opportunity to get to know the customer on a more personal basis which can be good for repeat business.

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