Cooking Business Staff – Hiring Employees For The Business

Hiring cooking business staff to assist you in your cooking business is a necessity, especially if the business is a restaurant. There are some cooking businesses where you can handle all aspects of the business yourself such as maybe a mobile food cart or a catering business but you still may not choose to handle everything yourself. Even if you do handle the actual food preparation side of the business yourself in those niches where that is possible, you may still want to hire employees to handle the other necessary aspects of the business which includes marketing, accounting, and routine office tasks such as filing. In fact in some niches of the cooking business you can’t handle everything yourself, so it’s a must to hire some cooking business staff.

Employees and Contract Labor

In this instance it is better to get some cooking business staff help either in the form of an employee or contract labor. What is the difference? An employee is someone who works for you on a daily basis, with set hours, doing set tasks for an agreed upon wage. Contract labor is that which is hired to complete a specific task, such as handling the books in accounting. The person may be an independent worker, but through a contract with you they report to you to complete the requested task.

Job Descriptions

Before you begin the process of interviewing potential employees or contract labor, it is crucial to have developed a job description for the positions that you are interviewing for.

By having a job description in place you can outline the responsibilities of the employee, so that it can’t be said by the employee that something is not their job. That being said, the job description should also include a section outlining other duties as assigned, so that the job description allows for the addition of other tasks to be assigned as needed.

Creating a policies and procedures manual is a good idea, so that the employee can see the policies of the company and procedures that they need to follow to accomplish their tasks in writing, and can refer back to something in writing if they become a little cloudy on some task or procedure.

Having a job description also helps you to know what interview questions you would like to ask.

For some great information about creating a job description for hiring cooking business staff click on the link to

How to Interview

When interviewing questions from the job description should be used and it should be the same questions to each candidate, so that there is a basis for comparison of each potential candidate’s qualifications for the position. The questions should focus on the candidate’s skills and abilities to perform the tasks required, as well as past employment history.

You should also have a pay rate in mind before starting to interview based on what your budget allows you to pay. You should also consider whether you can afford to include some level of benefits as part of the package, since this is an important part of any job search for a potential candidate.

In the end you may decide that you can’t afford to hire anyone, but in the cooking business niche that you are in perhaps you can’t afford to do everything yourself, it would be a recipe for failure. Perhaps then it would be a good idea to enlist the assistance of family and friends until you can afford to hire quality assistance. This can be a good idea especially since you may have borrowed money from them to get the business started.


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• Bookkeeping

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