Restaurant Business – From Fast-Food To Upscale Dining

The restaurant business is the main component of the food service industry. People love to eat out but not just for the sake of eating out. Restaurants have become popular because of the rise in single-parent households, dual incomes families, and those who are working hard and often with more than one job, and who just don’t have time to cook or the desire to cook. Sad to say also less and less young people learn to cook these days, especially young women. When I grew up in the 1960’s such a thing was still unheard of and at least young women learned to cook, but today, I know any one of several young women who don’t know how to cook and don’t want to learn.

Restaurants are also places where persons can entertain or conduct business and let’s people concentrate on either being with their guests for entertainment or being with their clients or business partners to conduct business and not have to concentrate on food preparation. Many of these restaurants offer large table arrangement, private rooms, and banquet facilities.

Many restaurant goers also want to sample cuisine from other countries and don’t either have the skills or ingredients to prepare such meals themselves and many don’t have the time to learn to cook these meals. Restaurant businesses also allow us to indulge our desire to sample cuisine from faraway places without having to go there.

Some of the most popular types of restaurants are ethnic restaurants, family style restaurants, casual dining restaurants, steak houses, and seafood restaurants. Customers also like the ambience of restaurants and expect the type of décor to match the type of food being served.

There are also three categories of restaurant business related to price range and features of service: quick serve restaurants, midscale restaurants, and upscale restaurants.

Quick Serve Restaurants are also called fast food restaurants that typically sell burgers and fries but which may also sell hot dogs, pizza, chicken, sandwiches, seafood and ethnic meals (Chinese takeout is one popular item that comes to mind). These meals can be ordered from the customers car or at the counter and although there are places to sit to eat the meal the convenience of this type of restaurant is that you can order it, pay for it and take it home to be consumed at your leisure.

Midscale Restaurants are those restaurants that have a price range and features of service between quick serve and upscale. These restaurants offer full meals and what are perceived to be reasonable prices, the options are full service and limited service with the full service option to order their meals at their table or with the limited service option to order their meals at a counter and have their meal delivered to their table, as opposed to from their cars or at the checkout counter and find a place to sit or take it home as in the case of fast food restaurants.

Upscale Restaurants offer full table service with a focus on providing quality cuisine and ambience, not low prices. In fact upscale restaurants are pricey and these types of restaurants figure that the prices they charge are justified for what they provide the customer.

Since there are so many different types of restaurants out there competition will be tough so you have to choose your concept carefully and do your homework on the industry and your particular niche before getting started.

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