Catering Business – The Most Flexible Of The Cooking Businesses

The catering business has seen tremendous growth in the food service industry as a result of peoples’ love of dining, socializing and entertaining. Through a wide range of business and social events the opportunity is provided to both cook for a living and to make a profit doing so through the catering business.

Catering provide an ever changing daily environment that is often hectic and if you enjoy such an environment then this business could be for you, and although this is a business that can be started at home the results of all of your preparations then have to be driven to the location that the catering is for. This type of business therefore requires a great deal of organization, consistency, and creativity.

A professional kitchen space as well as kitchen equipment can often be rented as the business is getting started although many caterers do all of their preparation from their own home kitchens.

Caters can be part of an onsite business that may be located in a hotel or other business and then there is the off-site business which generally has three types of clients:

• Corporate clients – that require catering for business breakfast and lunch meetings primarily with some requirement for dinner and cocktail parties.

• Cultural organizations – that have events for museums, opera houses, symphonies and communities organizations that have special events such as fund raisers.

• Social events – which include activities such as wedding receptions, anniversary parties, graduations, bar mitzvahs, and others.

There is also the opportunity to cook for those with special types of diets or health conscious individuals that may be part of weight loss programs or individuals that are on their own watching their weight.

The catering business can be quite lucrative but the food that is prepared must also be very high quality. In order to do well in this industry you must keep in mind the trends in eating such as eating less beef and more poultry and fish and drinking less, as well as those that are watching their dollars due to the economy. This requires a great deal of creativity on the part of the caterer in order to keep a good customer base and turn a decent profit.

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