Chinese Five Spice Powder Seasoning

Chinese five spice powder seasoning is prominently figured in Chinese cuisine as well as other Asian cuisine. This mix of ingredients goes well with greasy meats such as duck and pork, and is the famous spice used in the sauce for Peking duck.

One of the unique and prominent spices in this mixture is star anise with its distinctive aroma and licorice taste; other spices that give this blend its uniqueness are fennel, cassia, cloves and Szechuan pepper which though not hot gives the mixture a bite. Szechuan pepper can be substituted for by using black peppercorns instead since the Szechuan variety of pepper can be hard to obtain.

This is a very concentrated mixture that should only be used in small amounts and, is not only used on greasy meats but also on vegetables and is known to enhance the flavor of stir-fried vegetables and chicken.

There are many different combinations of ingredients for this recipe; this is only one of them.

Chinese Five Spice Powder Recipe

2 tablespoons ground star anise

2 tablespoons ground fennel seeds

2 teaspoons crushed cassia

2 teaspoons crushed Szechuan pepper or pepper corns

¼ teaspoon ground cloves

The mixture makes 1/3 cup. The mixture can be increased in its measurements to create an amount for storage.

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