Manganese – Essential Nutrient Discovered By Accident

Manganese is a chemical element on the periodic table with symbol Mn and atomic symbol 25, as well as an essential nutrient and trace mineral. The mineral enables the body to utilize vitamins C, B1, biotin, and choline effectively. The mineral also enables the body to make fat, sex hormones and in women breast milk. Other essential functions include maintaining the health of nerves, maintaining normal blood sugar levels, protecting the cells from free radicals, maintaining strong and healthy bones, and promoting optimal functioning of the thyroid gland. The mineral is also a key component of several enzymes.

Manganese Symbol

Dietary Recommendations

Dietary recommendation of the mineral is an average intake (AI) of 2.3 milligrams/day for men and 1.8 milligrams/day for women.

Dietary Mineral Sources

Dietary sources of the mineral include tea, coffee, nuts, cereals and some fruits are the best sources of the mineral.

Nuts as a Source of Manganese Tea as a Source of Manganese Coffee as a Source of Manganese

Mineral Deficiency

Dietary deficiency is rare, but when it occurs it can cause nausea, vomiting, poor glucose tolerance, skin rash, loss of hair color, excessive bone loss, and low cholesterol levels, hearing loss, dizziness, and impaired function of the reproductive system.

Mineral Toxicity

Toxicity from this mineral is generally seen in industrial workers who are exposed to the dust, which leads to the development of Parkinson disease like symptoms.

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For other information on nutrition some great references are:

• Nutrition – Fourth Edition by Paul Insel, Don Ross, Kimberley McMahon, and Melissa Bernstein

• The Vitamin Alphabet – Your guide to vitamins, minerals and food supplements by Dr. Christiana Scott-Moncrieff MB, CHB, MFHOM

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