The Quinoa Meal Guide To Hot And Cold Dishes

What quinoa meal guide can we use to create both hot and cold dishes?

Quinoa can be eaten either hot or cold and enjoyed thoroughly either way. No matter which way you decide to feast, quinoa is a delicious and nutritious addition to your meals. Since there are endless ways to enjoy quinoa, it should become a staple in your kitchen. Both the versatility and the health benefits are reasons to keep a pantry full of this delicious seed. Let's take a look at some of the best hot and cold ways to enjoy this delicious ancient food.

Hot Quinoa Meal Guide

Everyone loves a hearty, hot dinner. And while quinoa can be substituted in just about anything where rice is involved, it is also a great food that has its own merits as the main ingredient of a meal. One of the best ways to enjoy hot quinoa is in the morning for breakfast. Quinoa can be made in much the same way as a hot cereal. After cooking, add in some brown sugar or honey, and milk or cream, and even fresh or dried fruit to get your day off to a great start.

You can easily take quinoa into dinnertime with a jambalaya dish with tomatoes, sausage, shrimp and spices. Cooked this way, it does replace rice, but is also the main focus of the dish as the tomatoes and protein are additions for added flavor. Another application for a hot meal includes using quinoa to bake with. Now this can be either the regular fluffy cooked quinoa or quinoa flour or quinoa meal. Quinoa flour is often used as a substitute for regular wheat flour. But quinoa meal can be used for a grainier, heartier product while the fluffy, cooked quinoa is perfect to add to muffins and breads to add a nice, light texture; and lots of nutrition, too.

Cold Quinoa Meal Guide

There are some delicious recipes for hot quinoa, but the cold recipes are just as incredible. The versatility and qualities that quinoa brings to cold dishes is almost unmatched in the culinary world. With chilled quinoa, you can travel around the world and back again without ever leaving your house. From a stuffed grape leaf to a sweet cucumber Thai salad, your possibilities are endless. A great buffet or potluck suggestion would be to have cold quinoa and a variety of ingredients available so guests could create their own unique culinary experience.

Cold desserts like quinoa pudding (similar to rice pudding, but with quinoa, of course) is a great cold application for quinoa. Some chefs are experimenting with using quinoa in their sushi and other traditional Asian dishes as well as smoothies and blended juices. With the amount of protein packed into the tiny seed, it is no wonder people are substituting quinoa in so many of their favorite dishes and drinks.

Yummy Quinoa Meal Guide Experiments

No matter if you like quinoa hot or cold, you have options. Plenty of options. One of the best ways to explore new uses of quinoa is to play around with it by adding some to your current favorite meals. Not only will your dishes get a new kick, you may actually stumble onto the next “Chicken and Waffles” combination and become famous! But, really, quinoa is just plain yummy. Grab a box and start experimenting with quinoa today.


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