Creative Quinoa Recipe Ideas

Quinoa recipe ideas don’t have to be bland or boring and can be very creative.

You may have already tried the recipe on the box of quinoa and found the stuffed peppers delicious. You may have already started to gather a few favorite quinoa dishes. But, if you keep making the same recipes over and over, you may get just as tired of quinoa as you have with rice.

It could be time to try a few new ideas for cooking with quinoa and see how creative you can be. Not only are these ideas delicious, but they are also meant to show you that quinoa doesn't have to be trapped behind the same old recipes.

Quinoa Recipe Ideas - Bakery Goodies

Just to show the versatility of quinoa, we look to our local bakery for inspiration. Quinoa flour is a great gluten free substitute when the need arises, but cooked quinoa can also be incorporated into your recipes. By adding cooked quinoa to your baked goods, you get a surprising little snap, courtesy of the little quinoa curly-que. You also get the added chewy texture that quinoa is known for.

One of the favorite ways to incorporate quinoa into your baking is to incorporate it right into your batter. You can also add cooked quinoa to the icing or filling for another unique take on your favorite baked good. Cooked quinoa has enough texture to mimic chopped nuts in some cases. Quinoa meal can add the type of texture you would expect from cornmeal. So, as you can see, it takes a bit of experimenting, but it is definitely worth the effort.

Quinoa Recipe Ideas – Pancakes

Ah, yes. Pancakes are a great place to include quinoa. By using some cooked quinoa in your pancake batter, not only do you make a well rounded meal loaded with complex protein, vitamins, and minerals, but you also add a bunch of fiber. This means that you will eat less and feel full longer than if you just had your basic pancakes, which are simply carbohydrates topped with liquid sugar. You can also use quinoa flour or meal in the pancake batter for an incredible flavor and texture.

Quinoa Recipe Ideas – Parfait

Parfaits are an excellent option for a nutritious breakfast when made with the right ingredients. With fruit, granola, and yogurt, you get a well rounded breakfast in a stacked cup of deliciousness. Quinoa is a great replacement for the granola in this tasty treat because it has the crunch you are looking for, but it also doesn't mask any of the flavors of the fruit or yogurt.

The best thing about adding quinoa to your parfait is that the light and healthy dish you know becomes a power packed breakfast, lunch, or snack. The quinoa provides everything your body needs to get through a long day. Your parfait is not only a delicious way to start out the day, but your body can start working overtime speeding up your metabolism and giving you the right kind of fuel to burn all day long.

Quinoa can show up in just about any meal. The more creative you get with quinoa, the more delicious recipes you will unearth. Getting creative with quinoa doesn't mean having to create all new recipes from the top of your head. It means substituting the tiny seeds into recipes you already know and love. Soon you will discover the difference quinoa will make in the taste, texture, and healthy benefits of the dish. So next time you turn to a favorite recipe, try to find a way to incorporate quinoa and see where the experiment takes you.

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