Convection Ovens – Cooking By Increased Air Circulation

Convection ovens are another popular form of oven that comes in a table top or counter top model. They are popular kitchen tools because they can save time during meal preparation. These ovens cook food by the natural circulation of gas or liquid caused by temperature differences. These ovens provide more heat to cook food faster by means of fans that cause the increased movement of air over the cooking food. The cooking of food is quicker, at a lower temperature and more evenly cooked with these ovens than a conventional oven which has go spots because the air is not circulated over the food once it enters the oven cooking space. The temperature should in fact be lowered by about 25 degrees in comparison to a conventional oven to prevent the food from either burning or being overcooked.

Black Convection Oven

Cookware used in these types of ovens should have low sides to allow proper air circulation over the food. These ovens should also not be placed in areas where they air flow is blocked since this will hinder the proper cooking of your food when air can’t properly enter the oven to be heated and flow over the food inside.

There are different types of ovens that are termed convection, conduction and infrared, so it pays to do your homework when choosing the kind that best fits your needs. These types of ovens can be pricey which is why research is a must to determine what you really want.

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• The Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook 2001-2010 by the editors at America’s Test Kitchen

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