Coffee Grinders – The Coffee Lovers’ Friend

Coffee grinders may be the coffee lovers’ friend in this tough economy. There are other reasons for grinding your own coffee at home in addition to saving money. Most people buy their beans already ground, but coffee beans rapidly lose their flavor when ground, so the best coffee results from brewing beans immediately after they have been ground, and having your own grinder at home can give you the best tasting coffee that you can get, of course choosing good quality beans is another factor in getting a great cup of fresh brewed coffee.

Breville Coffee/Spice Grinder Kitchen Aid Burr Coffee Grinder

There are different types of coffee bean grinders. There is the mill or blade grinder, where the blade spins quickly chopping up the beans into to smaller and smaller pieces depending upon how long the blade is allowed to spin. The next type of grinder is the burr grinder where the beans are ground between two plates that spin rapidly if it is a flat plate burr grinder and very slowly if it is a conical burr grinder, burr grinders are the best type of coffee bean grinders and are those that produce some of the finest coffees in the world.

Coffee bean grinders differ in price based on the method of grinding, the size of the coffee grounds that result, and the flavor of the grounds that are produced.

Coffee bean grinders are not just used for grinding coffee beans, but can also be used to grind spices, nuts, wheat and rice. Some coffee bean grinders are combination coffee/spice grinders.

When seeking to purchase a coffee grinder, one professional culinary group recommends purchasing a coffee grinder with features such as electric operation not manual, a deep bowl to hold a large amount of coffee beans, an easy to adjust grinding texture, and buying a separate one for grinding spices and not using the same machine for both coffee grinding and spice grinding.

It is important to do research before buying in order to determine what your needs are and what your kitchen and budget can accommodate.

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