Electric Knife Sharpeners – Keeping Cutting Tools In Peak Condition

Electric knife sharpeners are a great step up from using a honing steel to remove the nicks from a kitchen knife, since that is basically the main thing a honing steel is designed to do, to actually sharpen kitchen knives a further step is needed.

Chefs Choice Knife Sharpener Red

An electric knife sharpener will actually sharpen the knife bringing it back to life from the dull state that it has probably reached if it hasn’t been sharpened on a regular basis. Sharpening a knife set is done through several stages, which usually consists of three stages. On a three slot knife sharpener each slot is designed to perform a particular function on the knife and each stage must be done in order.

For a nice little video on using three stage electric knife sharpeners click on the link to sharpeningsupplies.com

When choosing which knife sharpener to buy there are some considerations, one of which is how much counter space you have in your kitchen. The sharpener should also be compatible with knife sets that you already have, the sharpener should come with a guard to prevent injury to your fingers, should be a multistage sharpener with stages to sharpen, steel, hone, strop and polish the knives, the sharpening surface should be diamond sharpening material, should be comfortable and easy to use, and should have clear instructions on how to use the sharpener.

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